Joe Bliven

This Fight Is Our Fight
By Elizabeth Warren

December 31st, 2018

I promise that "This Fight Is Our Fight" doesn't use the word "fight" as many times as you might fear by the title. This book was really solid. The first chapter is in the Michael Moore style, talk about your past in regards to economics and then find current examples of ordinary Americans who are getting the short end of our economic system. While for many Americans these examples won't sound too foreign and they might seem pointless to read and redundant because we all know people going through the same struggles. The purpose however is for these examples to be things she can call back later in the book for perspective. It's an effective tool I think. The second chapter is a brief synopsis of the early American economy and the big changes that were put into effect after the great depression which lead to great prosperity for most Americans (apart from the obvious racial and gender biases of the era). Chapter three is about how we've fallen away from the FDR era reforms and what we've lost because of it. Chapter four I think is the real meat of this book. The previous chapters are well done stories but don't really require Warren's unique perspective to tell. Chapter four is all about her personal experiences in Congress and exactly what tactics the ultra wealthy are using to empower themselves and crush us. This section is beautiful and detailed and if you read any part of this book it should be this part (though I must recommend the entire thing, it really is great). Chapter five is about the 2016 election and the aftermath, it sums it up really well. We still hear a lot about the election and what has happened as a result but Warren really cuts through the garbage and points at the crucial points. Trump got in and appointed industry leaders to regulate their own industries. Pure and simple the criminals are being self policed and we're heading straight towards more abuse from massive corporations who are controlling the entire executive branch currently. The Epilogue is basically about the hope she felt for the future of American democracy in seeing how the Women's March was organized in 2017. This was a great book with it's finger on the pulse of our political system. It's a must read for every American in the lead-up to the 2020 election.