Joe Bliven

Gift Ideas:

Let me preface this by sharing a fundamental truth about gift giving; small kitchen appliances are the absolute worst gift you can give anyone unless they explicitly asked you for it. Now that that's out of the way let's get to the things that are consistently good gifts.

Consumables are great gifts, they don't stick around so you only need temporary space to store them:

-Cash is always useful but it's certainly a forgettable gift.
-Gift cards are more gift-like but cash is just better.
-I love beer, almost any beer other than barrel-aged beers and Belgian style beers.
-I love wine, almost any wine other than sweet wine, fortified wine and Merlot.
-I don't like Mead.
-Sake, Bourbon, Scotch, Tequila, and Gin are all great gifts.
-Some sort of gourmet food (vegetarian), I love good food.
-Sweets, especially homemade (peanut free, other nuts are fine).
-Really home made consumables of any kind are a great gift.
-Even small homemade non-consumables like greeting cards are great and clearly from the heart.

Gifts that stick around:

It's nice to have something useful in your house that you associate with a loved one. Every time you use it you think of that person. Unfortunately these are the kinds of gifts that I feel should rarely be bought for an adult unless you know specifically that they want it. If you buy someone a vase, even the nicest most beautiful vase ever, you're still saying "here, find a place in your home for this and try to use it every once in a while". A gift that comes with responsibility stinks. Here is a list of things I actually want that will stay in my home and bring me joy for years to come listed from most affordable to least affordable:

-A unique coffee mug. I drink a lot of coffee and our mug collection is never ending.
-A Vinyl record you think I would enjoy, it's near impossible to mess this up. Do you like the record? I probably will too!
-A political book that means something to you, stands for something you care about deeply, and is a book that you've actually read personally all the way through and enjoyed.
-A working iBook G3 "clamshell" in a color other than grey (good luck!).